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Lecture Program

We are pleased to announce the Microbe 2016 lecture program below. 

This will take place in the Victoria Quays Suite in the Hilton Hotel.

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Limited places are still available. 

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 Microbe 2014 Lecture
Friday 23 September

Sepsis and Neurological infections

Prof. Jonathan Cohen - Diagnosing sepsis: Does the microbiology matter?

Prof. Paul Dark - 'Surviving sepsis: delivering precision medicine with rapid diagnostics'

Dr. Laura Prtak - Bacterial meningitis - Case Study

Mr. Saurabh Sinha - Neurological Clinical Case

Saturday 24 September

The Changing World of Microbiology - Part One

Dr. Simon Johnston - Manipulation of macrophages by the fungal pathogen Cryptococcus neoformans

Dr. Alison Cope - Mosquitos and viral infections – a never ending fight!

Dr. Trevor Winstanley - Susceptibility testing: life after BSAC

Dr. Sheena Cruickshank - Parasites – The master manipulators

The Changing World of Microbiology - Part Two

Mr. Neil Bentley - Ebola testing home and away

Prof. Mark Pallen - “Clinical application of microbial genomics and metagenomics: the future is here”

Ms. Shila Seaton – What UK NEQAS can do for you!

Sunday 25 September

Pot Pourri

Group Captain Andy Green - Emerging and persistent infectious diseases: politics, security and society

Mr. Mark Prescott - CPA to UKAS

Prof. Mark Fielder – Antimicrobial resistance in Veterinary and Human medicine – are we at breakpoint?

Dr. John White - Sexually transmitted infections – why the lab is more important than ever!

Dr. Andy Borman - Dimorphic Fungi – New pathogens from the Old World. The impact of molecular approaches to fungal ID

IBMS CPD will be available for delegates
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